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TO Dress Length : It is measured from the highest part of the shoulder to where you like the dress to reach, but always above the knee.



B Chest Contour: Measure around the girl's body below the arms.




To find out your daughter's size, consult the Standard Measurement Table taking into account that to the Chest Contour measured in the girl you will have to add at least 4 cm more so that the dress does not tighten and is comfortable.


In case the girl is thin, the measurement that marks the size will be the length and if it is bigger it will be the chest contour.

Sizes         Chest Contour        Long


6 months          52cm              36cm

9 months          54cm              39cm

Size 1            56cm              44cm

Size 18m         58cm              46cm

Size 2            60cm              50cm

Size 3            62cm              54cm

Size 4            64cm              58cm

Size 5            66cm              62cm

Size 6            68cm              66cm

Size 7            70cm              70cm

Size 8            72cm              74cm

Size 9            74cm              78cm

Size 10           76cm              82cm

Size 11           78cm              86cm

Size 12           81cm              90cm

Table of standard measurements


* This table is of Standard Measurements but the dresses can give more or less size according to the design.

In Communion dresses, the length is made to measure.

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