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The story of this report begins during the days of confinement when Casilda de la Pisa, our longtime photographer,  Saw THE LIGHT BETWEEN THE OCEANS, a film based on the book of the same title by ML Stedman, and starring Alicia Vikander  and Michael Fassbender  which tells the story of a lighthouse keeper and his young wife on a remote Australian island.

Casilda, in love with the landscape and the aesthetics of this film, was the driving force behind this report, integrating various brands with which she has been working for many years, such as Belgravia, Chaucas and Nórico .

Their enthusiasm for the project immediately got us excited and we got down to business!

We, Teresa & Leticia, were very excited to dress little Lucy, both in her first months of life and a few years later.

Casilda's professionalism was joined, as if out of the blue, by Jaime Erice , who captured our work in this beautiful video.

We hope you like it, we love it !!

LA LUZ-0079.jpg

Tom accepts a job as a lighthouse keeper on the distant Isle of Janus fleeing the horrors of the First World War.

Soon he meets Isabel who does not hesitate for a moment to leave her whole world to marry Tom and settle with him on the lonely island.



... the arrival of little Lucy fills with joy the little house of the lighthouse where Tom and Isabel live far from the world.

LA LUZ-0007.jpg
LA LUZ-0002.jpg
LA LUZ-0014.jpg
LA LUZ-0013.jpg
LA LUZ-0019.jpg
LA LUZ-0021.jpg
LA LUZ-0023.jpg
LA LUZ-0020.jpg
LA LUZ-0016.jpg

Family Photo

LA LUZ-0036.jpg

On the occasion of Lucy's christening, the family returned for a few days to Partageuse, where the grandparents were finally able to meet their granddaughter. The whole town joined in the celebration and  It was a very happy day!

LA LUZ-0059.jpg
LA LUZ-0056.jpg
LA LUZ-0060.jpg
LA LUZ-0063.jpg

Life runs smoothly on Janus Island. While Tom works hard on his service notebooks and maintenance of the lighthouse, Lucy helps Isabel with the housework.

LA LUZ-0110.jpg
LA LUZ-0105.jpg
LA LUZ-0109.jpg
LA LUZ-0113.jpg
LA LUZ-0118.jpg
LA LUZ-0121.jpg
LA LUZ-0093.jpg
LA LUZ-0092.jpg
LA LUZ-0104.jpg
LA LUZ-0103.jpg

But life is not just work. After work there is always time for relaxation and family fun, like having a picnic on the top of the cliff and enjoying the wonderful views ...

LA LUZ-0142.jpg
LA LUZ-0143.jpg
LA LUZ-0136.jpg
LA LUZ-0124.jpg
LA LUZ-0145.jpg
LA LUZ-0134.jpg

Or take long walks in the late afternoon, with the last rays of light  filtering between the clouds and that infinite ocean at your feet.

LA LUZ-0164.jpg
LA LUZ-0162.jpg
LA LUZ-0158.jpg
LA LUZ-0160.jpg
LA LUZ-0151.jpg
LA LUZ-0163.jpg
LA LUZ-0155.jpg
LA LUZ-0170.jpg
LA LUZ-0169.jpg
LA LUZ-0149.jpg
LA LUZ-0174.jpg
LA LUZ-0171.jpg

They have participated in this project:

- @ jaerto.81 (Video) (Lucy)

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