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Dear Parents:

The day of the First Communion of your children is approaching and Teresa & Leticia presents their collection of First Communion dresses for such a special date for them.


All models are made to order.


In the case of girls, we make the suits by size, but the length of the dress is tailored to each girl. You have the option to customize the dress by changing the fabric of the dress and sash  


We recommend that you order the First Communion suit  at least two months before, but it is from December when we begin to have the dresses exhibited in our Show-room and the first orders. If you are proactive and do not want to wait until the last minute, you can make an appointment in advance from December 1.


If you live in Madrid you can come to our Show-room, where we have many  dresses to try on.


You have to take into account the following:


- Make an appointment ONLINE through our website.

If possible, we recommend making an appointment in the morning because there are fewer people than in the afternoon.

- Due to capacity problems  And in order to respect security measures, we ask that each girl come accompanied by a maximum of two people.

- When the dress is finished you will receive an SMS on your mobile and you have 20 days to pick it up. It is also necessary to book an appointment for the pick-ups.


If you live outside of Madrid you can place your order online, by phone in the morning, or by mail through our contact page. In this case, we will ask you to provide us with two measurements: chest contour and dress length.

If you want we can send you the dress by courier and, once finished,  In 24h / 48h (only working days) you will have it at home. Shipping costs are € 15.

For any other questions we will be happy to assist you both by phone in the morning and by mail.


  Thank you!!






Information  First Communion

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