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How to wash First Communion dresses?

Many of you ask us after First Communion how to wash the dresses before putting them away and if they should be dyed.

In general, our dresses can be washed at home, in a maximum program  30 degrees. We advise you, yes, that you separate the band or sash from the dress to avoid fading.

Also, as a precaution, it is advisable not to mix the dress with the rest of the laundry so that snags do not occur.

There are some dresses such as the Romantic, Flora, Primavera and Pompeii that, due to the type of fabric, do not even have to be ironed. Just a little the lining.

There are others like the Matilda or those made of linen or satin that you have to be a little more experienced when ironing them and ... arm yourself with patience!

In the case of the Tulle or  the cancanes of first communion  After washing, the tulle may lose its size a little and make it no longer so pompous. Rate it before putting them in the washing machine!

We hope to have solved your doubts!


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